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SKUA-GOCAD 2013.2 – Paradigm® 2011.3

With Epos® 4.1 Data Management


This package contains the following modules:

The modules included in SKUA-GOCAD 2013.2 are listed in the Installation Guide.

Package dependencies:

Important: If you are installing SKUA-GOCAD 2013.2 on a server in a Windows environment, you must ensure that the necessary runtime library Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package is installed on each local computer (client) from which the program will be run. This is not required if you are installing and running SKUA-GOCAD on the same computer because the runtime library for your environment is installed automatically with the suite. For instructions to configure SKUA-GOCAD to run from a shared location on Windows, refer to the Installation Guide.

* Download page for Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 for x86 (32-bits) platforms.
* Download page for Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 for x64 (64-bits) platforms.

Release documents:

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